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Questions & Answers

Q: How soon will my order for a patio room kit or greenhouse ship?
Orders normally ship within 10-14 days of receipt of order. Special order units ship in 2 to 5 weeks depending on size and customer requirements.
The unit is shipped via R&L Carriers.
The aluminum greenhouse is packed in (3) packs:
      Pack (1):- Aluminum frame Long box is approx 8” x 7” x length of unit .
      Pack (2) :- Glazing, Door, and  Aluminum frame Skid is 40”w x 24” x 109” long .
      Pack (3) :- Electrical (fan, vents and thermostat) If needed this pack is sent via U.P.S.

Q: What kind of instructions do you give for assembling my high quality greenhouse patio room kits?
1.  A DVD showing each stage of assembly.
2. A comprehensive assembly instruction manual with color pictures and written procedures for each stage of assembly. Ground preparation layout instructions included.

Q: I’m having trouble assembling my greenhouse patio room kit, can I call you?
Absolutely! If you have a problem or questions with the assembly of your greenhouse, just give us a call on the 1-888-help line or email us picture of what your having trouble with.

Q: What do I need for a foundation?
We recommend setting the units on 4” x 6” timbers that are set into the ground. 1" of these timbers should be visible above the ground. Remove the dirt from inside this frame and fill with crushed stone. This will pack down to provide a floor for the greenhouse. It will also allow for good drainage.

Q: Do I need a separate base frame?
All Essex units come complete. There are no additional frame parts required.

Q: I live in a very open area with high winds, can I secure the foundations without using cement footings?
If the greenhouse is to be positioned in a highly exposed area, it is recommended that the timbers be pinned down using rebar (approx 1Ft from the corners). The holes need to be drilled at an angle of about 45 degrees toward the center of the timber with the rebar driven down below the top of the timber.

Q: What is the wind rating of the greenhouse?
The greenhouse has been designed to withstand winds up to 70 MPH.

Q: What is the snow load?
The unit is designed to take a snow load of 23lb/sq/ft.

Q: Can I order extra roof vents for my greenhouse?
All greenhouses have the option of  a Schaefer Shutter fan, motorized side vents and a thermostat. The fan mounts in the top of the back wall with the vent or vents (depending on the size of the greenhouse) mounted in the door-end side-wall, this produces a good air flow across the greenhouse. Roof vents should only be used in the winter when the fan vent system is off in order to expel heat buildup slowly and prevent shocking the plants with cold air. Using the roof vents with in conjunction with the fan will reduce air flow across the greenhouse.

Q: If I decide to move in the future, can I take my Greenhouse?
Yes. The greenhouse is constructed of aluminum and with stainless steel fixings the only part you will need to replace is the glazing seal.

Q: I’m not a very good gardener but I’d like to use your greenhouse for a Jacuzzi. Is this a good idea?
Noot a problem. We can supply a greenhouse with the internal wall which allows the customer the best of both worlds with the hot tub at one end and the greenhouse at the other. The two parts work very well together; the humidity given off from the hot tub is great for the plants and helps them flourish.

contact us
Essex Greenhouse
5950 W 300 S-1
Bluffton, IN 46714.
PH 888-377-3944

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