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Essex Greenhouses began as a subsidiary of Essex Design; a company which specializes in designing automated machines and systems used in the manufacturing of heating and air-conditioning products mainly for the automotive industry.

In 1997, I tried to buy a greenhouse kit to build a greenhouse for my wife so that she could grow orchids in the proper environment. Having been raised in Great Britain, (where a quality greenhouse is a standard part of almost every garden), I started looking to find a U.S. made product similar to the European units but of a higher standard designed to be durable enough to withstand the harsh climates of the U.S.

After going to all the major manufacturers and suppliers to look for a good quality unit that I would be prepared to purchase, I was disappointed. Prices seemed high and the product in most cases seemed no stronger than the European counterparts. As an engineer, this challenged me to think: Could I take my skills and knowledge and design an aluminum greenhouse incorporating the best methods and highest quality and thus provide a stronger and more durable unit at a reasonable cost?

I believe that answer is yes.

I went to Europe and purchased a number of the best units available from various manufacturers. I then took the best features from each model and designed a quality unit at an affordable price. The result was the “Devon Model. These units are all fitted with shatter-resistant polycarbonate twin-wall, which allows for more efficient heating control along with a higher degree of safety, double doors (opening to 47") and an eave height of 5ft allowing for plenty of room to work without having to stoop. The unit is held together with stainless steel “T" bolts that slide easily into slots in the aluminum frame.

My research and modifications produced a sturdy greenhouse that can withstand the low temperatures and harsh winds of the Midwestern winter and allow for year-round gardening. Rather than charge my customers separately for vital accessories, we include the fan, vent and thermostat as standard on every model.

I, along with Essex Greenhouses, am proud to be a supplier of patio room kits and greenhouses for the everyday gardener. Whether it’s tomatoes in the middle of winter or a warm year-round climate for tropical plants that a gardener wants, Essex Greenhouses provides a quality product at a fair price.

Paul Clements
President, Essex Greenhouse
Essex Greenhouses: A Brief History
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